ATTENTION: You've been thinking about it for it's time to take action!  If you own a business of any size, you can no longer ignore the more than 1 Billion prospects who are using Social Media to find the products & services you offer....

"The Truth Is...If You Don't
Establish Your Presence On Social Media,
Your Competitors Will...
And They Will Get Your Customers!" 

We can have you up and running by this time next week...
and do it for about the cost of one nice night on the town!

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"The reason McDonalds is the most successful restaurant of all time
isn't because they serve the best food...
it's because they do the best marketing.  
They reach out to their target audience, wherever their target audience already is."

Dear Business Owner,

To survive & flourish in this challenging business climate you need to market like McDonalds, and in this day and age, there is no or offline...that has more of your target prospects than in sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn & Google+.  These social networks, if utilized properly, can enable you to challenge and beat the titans of your industry!  You don't have to search too far back in your memory banks to see how the viral nature of social media can create superstars like Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber.  Well the same type of super-stardom can come to businesses.  Even local businesses can get in on the business building benefits of social media with prospect targeting and ROI metrics that are unrivaled in any traditional form of advertising.  

But then, you probably already knew that, right?  The big question is, have you already put that knowlege into action? With the ultra low rates, I'm gonna show you today, you just won't have any more excuses.  It's time to take action...

You see, our firm specializes in creating and managing online marketing campaigns that bring new clients to your door.  With Facebook having become the most visited website in the world, there is a tremendous opportunity for you to reach new prospects & to dramatically grow your business in the next 6-12 months!

Just take a look at these stats, straight from Google...


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You might not realize that a professionally designed, properly branded & strategically planned Facebook presence has been shown to increase conversion rates (interaction from your prospects) as much as 300% over using just the default pages provided by this mammoth Social Media platform!  That means that by customizing your presence you can expect to get nearly THREE TIMES the calls, THREE TIMES the clients & THREE TIMES the profit, without having to generate any more traffic to your facebook profile! 

Facebook's own published statistics show that people spend over 700 Billion minutes per month on their site...that's more than the amount of time spent each month on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft, Wikipedia & Amazon combined!

Check this out...



Amazing, isn't it?

But to profit from this major market shift, you have to show up.  
You NEED To Establish Your Facebook Presence!

Whether you already have a
Facebook Fanpage or not,
this is VITALLY IMPORTANT for you...

Beyond the obvious first step of creating your social media profiles, There are 4 ways to present yourself with social media. 

1)  Use the free layouts provided by the various social media platforms.  This will cost you nothing but your time.  The issue is that it instills no confidence in the business.  If you don't gain the trust of the visitor right away, they WILL leave to search for a provider who has a professional presence.  A page like this, may or may not actually be better than nothing.  At best, it will provide the fewest number prospects (if any) from your social media efforts. (Click Here To View A Sample)  Pretty plain, isn't it?

2)  Get a basic template to brand your site.  If your budget it tight & this is all you can afford to do, it is by FAR the better option, than going with just the default page.  You will be able to provide at least moderate branding, which will better engage with your target market.  If you are in an industry or locale where no competitors are doing any branding at all, it will enable you to stand out as a more reputable business.  
(Click Here To View A Sample)  Now that's a little better.

3)  Get a premium template, customized with your information & special offer.  These templates have been proven to convert visitors into prospects.  They are pre-done & are in use by others in your industry, which means we can get your professional presence up in a matter of days & do so on a budget!  The designs are truly 1st class & will enable you stand head & shoulders above 99% of the other businesses in your market.  If you want prospects contacting you to do business, this is EXACTLY the kind of quality graphics that can get the job done! (Click Here To View A Sample)  OK, really...these ROCK!

4)  Get a completely custom design, built from the ground up, just for you.  This is an excellent option...especially if we don't have a template already designed for your industry, or if you already have a very well established online presence, with professional design and branding in place.  We can match the look of your website or create something brand new.  Our award winning designers will use your input to create a stunning design for you in as little as one week!  
(Click Here To View A Sample)

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So ya wanna know what's included?

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Following a brief strategy session with you, to determine your primary goals & the scope of your project, our experienced team of conversion specialists will craft the perfect message to maximize engagement from your target prospects.  We will then turn the project over to our award winning technical & design team to setup your profiles, configure all the technical aspects of the page (such as setting up HTTPS, iFrames & FB Apps), and complete your Fanpage customizations.  Once completed, we will turn the page over to you & consult with you on how to get the most out of this powerful new marketing tool! 

Still not sure?  

How about we Guarantee your satisfaction, or your money back!

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Now Choose The Option That Makes The Most Sense For You & Get Started Right Now!

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